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quiet circles



Release Date: 30/04/2021

Quiet Circles is atman´s 15th album and it marks a return to his ambient explorations started back in 2004 with Astral Memories and Lullabye for the Trees albuns.

While those previous albums experimented mostly with fractal and  generative processes, Quiet Circles is a concerned effort in sculpting sounds and music to achieve a desired result.

Even so, randomness is present all throught the recordings as the result of superimposing musical and textural layers of different durations.

With a clear intention of building a space of calm and stillness, you´ll hear sounds of the electromagnetic fields from Saturn and Van Allen Belts cascading under slow moving drones, topped with sparse piano notes that hints at melodies.

Label: Skèpis Arts

Genre: Ambient

Similar Artists: Brian Eno, William Basinski 

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Self-taught musician Robert Skèpis (aka ātman) produces handcrafted electronic music artefacts that inspire calm and create space to think.

His work explores the boundaries within and between traditional and contemporary music genres making use of field recordings, improvisation, experimental techniques and electronic production.

Being a natural musician has led him into a scenic route made of introspective sound searching and meditation. As a result, he found in music a way to make sense of the world and himself.

Skèpis works across genres, often using traditional folk music sounds and concepts from around the world against sleek electronic textures and rhythms to produce oddly familiar-sounding tracks.

His music is mostly categorized within the downtempo and ambient clusters.


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